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Highlights from the Australasian Online Conference 2020

Highlights from the Australasian Online Conference 2020

Mindshop’s Founder Dr Chris Mason discussed the important topic of being more productive and less busy. He encouraged focusing on ‘must’ do’s – those things adding value to clients, making you money and increasing your hourly rate. ‘Don’t waste a good crisis’ use it as an opportunity to make yourself more productive.

In Chris’s next session he asked, ‘How good are you at bouncing back from adversity?’ Have you ‘put your own oxygen mask on first?’ he outlined 5 resilience strategies for advisors, their teams, clients, friends, and family.

‘Playing to win, how strategy really works’, was the topic presented by Angela Grogan of Best Business Results. Strategy is about making choices, increasing the odds of success combining rigour with creativity. Angela joined the dots between her chosen process and using Mindshop tools.If there is an upside to a crisis its rapid innovation. James Mason shared two tools – product surround & product portfolio analysis for advisors to help clients reshape products, services or even their whole business. A panel discussion focused on best practice sharing and collaboration between advisors, dealing with pressing current topics. The panel was joined by Mike Boyle – Sales Shift, Dan Gabbett – Robertson Scannell, Nikita Tomlinson – Sudburys and Russell Cummings – Shifft. There were so many great insights from this session but some stand outs were:

  • Mindshop advisors have seen little or no drop off in retainer work
  • There has been a shift in selling; a need to change the way we have conversations, starting with empathy, then moving into problem solving and only then, selling, but with a strongly tailored approach
  • Watch for an emerging loyalty gap, customers are taking to opportunity to look around for alternative suppliers, so now is the time to be front of mind with marketing, demonstrating capability.
  • Opportunities for future advisory – strategic planning to deal with navigating new environments and leadership training as some people’s skills have been found wanting.
  • More online meetings balanced with face to face

Finally we congratulated all the Mindshop 2020 award winners and those celebrating membership milestones:

Rising Star: Ewen Fletcher

Value to Others: David Duffy

High Achiever: Angela Grogan

25 years: David Wilson, Barry Jenner

20 years: Michele Rawlins

15 years: Simon Fawkes

10 years: Peter Wallace, Greg Gunther, Cameron McGregor

Thanks to everyone for pivoting online with us, looking forward to the European and North American conferences in June.

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