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An eye on thriving – 10 insights from the Mindshop Global Conferences

An eye on thriving – 10 insights from the
Mindshop global conferences 2020

We’d like to share with you some insights from the record number of participants (300+ over 3 events and 30+ presenters) at Mindshop’s latest global online conferences, where Mindshop advisors looked at business advisory high performance while navigating the current climate. Here are ten key insights from the myriad of presentations from the conferences.

 1. Most in ‘Pivot/Adapt’ with one eye towards ‘Thrive’
Early in the crisis Mindshop released its ‘Three Phase Roadmap’. 

Many Mindshop advisors now feel they have come out of the ‘survive’ phase and are well and truly ‘pivoting / adapting’ their models and building capability to ‘thrive’ helping clients do the same.

2. Don’t waste a crisis to make critical change
Mindshop advisors are finding it’s important to use this time wisely to make a change. Whether  pivoting to video conferencing, putting emphasis on new service lines to meet demand, adapting business models, changing team members, building ‘demonstration of capability’ videos or learning new skills, now’s the time to make a change.

3. Watch pivoting too far
Capacity, mastery of capabilities, facilitation skills and demonstrating capability were all themes at the start of 2020 and will continue to be the case throughout the year. But advisors need to be careful to not get distracted with too many ‘shiny new toys’ rather, stick to high performance fundamentals required for success now and beyond 2020.

4. Leading through a crisis with a winning mindset
Some went into the crisis with a ‘glass half empty’ mindset, immediately finding negatives and barriers while others had more of a ‘glass half full’ view, not dismissive of the challenges ahead but realising critical strategies and adaptions were rapidly required. Great leaders shone (with their solid core values) through the crisis and ensured their teams and businesses were change ready.

5. Importance of good facilitation
As many pivoted (through necessity) from a majority of face-to-face interaction to 100% online, excellent facilitation skills became critical. Coming into a client situation with a ‘blank canvas’ approach and driving to action using tools in a set timeframe requires great questioning, listening and ability to Pareto an array of good ideas into the great vital few. ‘Without using tools, it’s just a conversation.’

6. Data and insights drive problem solving conversations
With so much data at an advisor’s fingertips it can often be overwhelming and somewhat confusing as to where to start to ensure you address the right client challenges. Harnessing clever online software to pinpoint key opportunities or problem areas quickly can help lead to and accelerate powerful problem solving conversations.

7. Alignment = Success
Whether it is sales strategy, marketing, vision, values, team members or business model it all should be aligned and pulling in the same direction. Too often business advisory models and firms have simply become over complicated.

8. Difficult conversations
Rapid decision making and not procrastinating about having difficult conversations has fast tracked changes necessary for survival in many businesses. The challenge is now holding onto these skills and mindsets as things return to normal.

 9. Core values in decision making
A key component of rapid decision making is ensuring the entire team are clear (and embrace) the core values of the business. Having values as a central criteria makes decision making rapid and effective in a time of crisis. Are your core values clear enough to make tough decisions?

10. Demonstrating capability
To cut through the marketing clutter it has been critical to demonstrate capability and have extremely client-centric content no matter what your delivery strategy.

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