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Time Codes
00.00:16 How did the leadership program come about?
00.01:34 What was the client trying to achieve?
00.03:23 What’s the structure of the program?
00.04:34 Who delivered the program?
00.05:46 What diagnostics were used?
00.06:35 What prebuilt workshops were used?
00.07:10 What coaching technology was used?
00.07:35 Why use Mindshop diagnostics?
00.08:32 Why use Mindshop prebuilt workshops?
00.09:18 Why use the Mindshop Online Coaching platform?
00.11:56 What was the feedback from participants?
00.13:08 Injecting Mindshop Resources & Intellectual Property into the program.
00.15:16 Why leverage Mindshop Resources & intellectual property?
00.16:15 Feedback from the client.
00.18:29 What’s next for the client relationship?
00.19:58 Productising, marketing and selling leadership programs.
00.21:26 How did you price this project?
00.23:23 Top tips for other advisors setting up leadership programs. 

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