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‘The training days are really valuable; I always feel energised afterwards.


Colin Hall
5P Consulting

Global collaboration, local training

Being an independent business advisor in the top end of Australia was a lonely business for Colin Hall, until he found Mindshop. What he gained was not only a network of like-minded peers and collaborators, but also professional and personal growth.

Confidence to take on new challenges

‘The discussion forum is fantastic, I check it almost every day, there is always a whole range of contemporary issues being discussed, and people sharing ideas or solutions. Advisors post a problem and very soon garner useful responses, not only from local colleagues, but also from around the world. This shows the collaborative nature of the network. The training days are also really valuable and I always feel energised afterwards.I knew I could help my clients in many ways, but often the time required to invest in preparation or research made this prohibitive. Mindshop has significantly increased my fluency as an advisor, and given me the confidence to take on things I might not have previously done. If you’re looking to start or grow your advisory business, don’t rush it. Start with a few Mindshop tools, and use them well. Practice, practice, practice.’

Professional and personal development

‘One of Mindshop’s core principles is ‘Value to Others’ this is a pervasive theme throughout the resource base and is often explicitly stated when advisors communicate with each other, it’s a value that has multiple layers to it and since joining Mindshop I have drilled down into these layers more often and more deeply than before, it’s helped me to help others in both a professional and personal context.’

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