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‘Mindshop Growth Hubs have had the single biggest impact on my business.’


Michael Burke
Burke Corporate Advisory

Clients become advocates

Mindshop Growth Hubs allow advisors like Mike Burke to build communities within their client base, drawing on individuals from a diverse range of industries and specialisations to meet on a quarterly basis for regular professional development and networking. Mike runs three Growth Hubs totalling over 20 members with the assistance of Mindshop.

Mike’s thoughts on Growth Hubss are unequivocal:

‘Delivering Mindshop Growth Hubs has had the single biggest impact on my business. Growth Hubs bring both my clients, and prospective clients together in the room, the leaders become great advocates of both Mindshop and myself. It has lifted my own capability as I am forced to present latest thinking, ideas, tools and concepts which helps my overall learning. After all, the best way to learn is to teach. Finally, the groups help my clients grow as they hear from others and not just from me. Mindshop do all the organisation behind the scenes as far as invites, follow ups and venues. I have neither the capability nor the inclination to undertake these tasks, and so frees up my time to focus on the important issues. Mindshop have the process nailed.’

Constantly challenged with new IP

‘Also, Mindshop pull together all the intellectual property which again would take me days and weeks to find. I get presenter notes, tips and ideas which I combine with my own war stories and knowledge to present, which according to the feedback are great sessions. The ongoing feedback is that leaders feel as though they walk away with real take-aways for their business and without being lectured at.

I could run Growth Hubs without Mindshop, but my view is that these groups would die very quickly. With Mindshop’s assistance I have three very dynamic leader groups that are continually challenged and are never bored and never feel as though they are going over the ‘same old ground’.

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