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‘It’s not only the additional revenue, it’s also about effectiveness.’


Wayne Davies
NextGen Success

Efficiency to focus on clients, effectively
Providing strategy and leadership for next generation leadership, Wayne Davies, Principal Consultant at NextGen Success talks about how Mindshop Online allows him to coach effectively.

‘Apart from providing the platform to add value to my retainer-based business through coaching, Mindshop Online gives me an ongoing touch point with my clients. But it’s not only the additional revenue, it’s also about effectiveness. I probably would be able to deliver coaching without Mindshop, but much less efficiently, Mindshop’s support gives me the ability to focus on my clients, because I don’t need to spend energy on travel, I can keep in touch constantly and suggest tools and courses within the platform, Mindshop does the heavy lifting for me. Plus knowing that I will be reminded on key actions prior to meetings means I’m kept on track and accountable.’

Extending knowledge
‘Having discussions with senior Mindshop executives about workshop content means I am coached and extending my knowledge at the same time. By ‘sharpening my own saw’ and delivering the content provided by Mindshop, it keeps me up to date with issues relevant to my clients.’

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