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Induction Program

Below is an example of Mindshop’s 8 week induction program for new Mindshop advisors, built to ensure a great foundation when building a high performing advisory business. After 8 weeks, with the support of your allocated coach you set goals to drive continuous improvement.

Welcome (week 1)

  1. Start receiving welcome emails from Mindshop

  2. Receive a joining pack containing a wealth of materials, including a publication and tool pads to use with clients or in your own business

Access Mindshop Online (week 2)

  1. View the ‘Getting Started’ area in Mindshop Online

  2. A Mindshop team member will contact you to book a time for a tour of the platform

  3. Update your profile (including photo) by clicking a your name in the top right hand corner of Mindshop Online

‘Getting Started’ call with support coach (week 2)

  1. Your support coach will contact you via Mindshop Online to book in your first coaching call

  2. Define your goals and capture your actions in the ‘plans & actions’ area of Mindshop Online

  3. Build a schedule of regular coaching calls

  4. Reflect on the Five Advisory Phases Model and your goals to determine the capabilities you need to build

‘Check in’ call with regional manager (week 3)

  1. 30 minute call to discuss your progress, plans and key strategies

  2. An opportunity to ask any questions about your progress and plans

Review advisory services & training areas (week 4)

  1. Review Advisory Fundamentals online training course covering key tools and methodologies and/or any other online training courses & tools relevant to your unique situation. Review the top 10 tools.

  2. Register for upcoming ‘How-to’ webinars and face-to-face advisor training days

  3. Start using the tools and methodologies with your clients or team to build your own confidence and capabilities

Build & refine your advisory model (week 8)

  1. Start to build or or refine your advisory model and sales process with guidance from your support coach

  2. Review available examples of service lines on Mindshop Online to embed into your business

  3. Apply the advisory model to your website, marketing collateral, engagement agreements and sales process

Ongoing Continuous Improvement

  1. Login to Mindshop Online weekly to review tools, coaching actions and forum – book a time in your diary

  2. Proactively reach out to your support coach to ask them questions about your model, resources and advice on clients

  3. Attend face-to-face advisor training events, ‘How-to’ webinars and complete more online courses

  4. Build mastery in the tools and processes to move you along the five advisory phases. Mastery is a life-long journey.

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