Year-end Diagnostic

It is advantageous when reviewing your year-end financial results with your CPA to evaluate key factors that contribute to the success of your business. Haskell & White has developed this diagnostic to facilitate a comprehensive review of key strategic issues facing your organization. The diagnostic poses 21 statements and asks for your level of agreement on each one (it should take 4 minutes). The diagnostic will rank the top three areas working well and three areas that need attention. By consistently focusing on the areas in your business where improvements will make a substantial impact you can effect real change. If completing on your mobile phone, ensure it is held landscape for ease of use.

Complete the Year-End Diagnostic by ranking your level of agreement with 21 statements feeding 10 strategic factors. The result will identify the top 3 strategic areas that are working well (where you should keep focused) and top 3 areas in which you could improve your company’s performance. If you are completing on your mobile phone ensure it is held landscape for ease of use.

You will be presented with your results immediately after clicking 'Submit' at the end of the diagnostic. You will also be sent a copy of your results to the email address supplied.

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