Leadership Diagnostic

In a sense we are all personal leaders, but more importantly, real leaders have followers and how you lead them is critical to you, to them, and to the business or organisation.

Take the diagnostic below and see what areas might be your strengths and which areas you might need to examine.

This diagnostic can also be given to others so that you can compare your results to how others might have rated you. Are there differences in your own ratings with those of others? If so, what does this mean?

For each item below, please rate yourself on a 5-point scale that ranges from Strongly Disagree through to Strongly Agree.

If you are rating someone else, use the same rating scale (but note in the name field who you are and the name of the person you are rating i.e. Penny Smith rating John Burke). Once the person has rated themselves, and once others have rated them, a composite report will be compiled and provided to you by your consultant or facilitator if applicable.

This Leadership diagnostic was created by Dr Darryl Cross (darryl@crossways.com.au)

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