GPS Business Diagnostic

All businesses face challenges. The key is to assess, diagnose and prioritise your critical business issues and opportunities The GPS results will enable you clarify which crtiical issues must be tackled in the short term. You can also develop strategies that will improve and even accelerate the growth and profit of your business.

Take 5 minutes to complete the 25-question Mindshop Growth and Profit Diagnostic to identify from 10 key success factors:

  • Your top 3 areas of high performance (what’s working)
  • Your top 3 areas for improvement (what’s not working)
  • An overall graph showing how you performed across the top 10 key success factors: marketing, sales, people, implementation, strategy, profit, leadership, innovation, technology, and systems.

This tool will show exactly what areas need attention. This will offer powerful insight from which you make timely decisions and action plans.

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