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Why Mindshop

Nine reasons why Mindshop is different to other providers of business advisory support.

1. Over 26 years in business
Having worked with thousands of advisors in eleven countries over the past 25 years we know what works and what doesn’t when striving for high performance. While others regularly go out of business Mindshop is leading by example with consistent growth and profit.
2. Value to Others
Advisors new to Mindshop are surprised at how everyone in the community is so giving with their time and wisdom. That’s because we all share the philosophy at the core of Mindshop – Value to Others (VTO).
3. The Mindshop community
You won’t understand the power of the Mindshop sharing culture until you are in it, but to sum up, it’s the glue that binds all our members together. We don’t welcome those who do not hold the same core values. You benefit from hundreds of learning opportunities from different perspectives.
4. It’s what we don’t do
We’re different because of what we don’t do in our training & support.
– No sponsors at events
– No gimmicks
– No scripted, paint-by-numbers products
– No guru speak or too much hype
5. One stop shop
No need to go to a variety of different providers. Training, tools, coaching, network and innovation to drive high performance all come from the one source for a surprisingly modest monthly investment.
6. We simplify complexity
We don’t over-engineer tools and training for the sake of standing out, preferring to keep it simple and customer focused to ensure powerful and practical solutions that drive to action.
7. Depth of tools & processes
With over 150 tools and 22+ courses we provide training and support to cover almost any challenge any sized client may face when driving strategy, change, growth and profit. We have a mindset to continuously improve but at the same time not over engineering it.
8. Authenticity
We prefer straight talking and providing direct, constructive feedback to ensure the most robust outcome is achieved. We also embrace diversity of thought and people, ensuring all who fit our core values are welcome.
9. Technology & innovation
The ability to access coaching, training and amazing depth of advisory resources 24/7 online from anywhere in the world is a critical success factor to keeping our advisors agile and relevant.

The Business Advisory Learning Journey

Another reason why Mindshop is different is we have developed the five phases of advisory success to guide advisors on the steps to take when building capability and confidence as advisors. We recognize and support advisors to move through these five phases at a pace suitable to them aware that the final destination for many may be to become mastery of the problem solving phases while others its to be experts in implementation. We don’t take a cookie cutter approach.

Mindshop’s five phases of business advisory success

1. Data

2. Insights

3.Problem Solving

4. Strategy

5. Implementation

Facts and figures provided about business and industry trends
Insights, research and analysis relating to data on the business or industry
Guidance and advice relating to a specific minor business issue or opportunity
Developing strategies for a business, specific major issues or opportunity via workshops
On-going guidance for the successful implementation of strategies within an organization
  • Questionnaires
  • Discussions on facts and figures
  • Diagnostic tools
  • Sharing Industry papers and reports
  • Business performance dashboard
  • Cash-flow management
  • Challenging client conversations
  • Data Interpretation
  • Client ‘problem solving’ meeting to address any issue or opportunity arising from Insights
  • Light touch coaching & mentoring of customers
  • Strategic planning workshops
  • Developing One Page Plans
  • Workshops on various topics such as Growth, Profit, Leadership, Change, People
  • Annual support programs
  • Quarterly Implementation support
  • Project team Implementation
  • In-depth coaching & mentoring
Any Team Member
  • Basic business acumen
Rising Star
  • Inquisitive about business
  • Moderate business acumen
  • Confident in challenging client conversation
Problem Solving Advisor
  • Controls a meeting effectively
  • High business acumen
  • Uses array of problem solving tools
Strategic Senior Advisor
  • Good facilitation skills
  • High capability in strategic planning
  • Open to change & a self-starter
Experienced Facilitator
  • Ability to address complex issues
  • Unconsciously competent with broad range of business tools & processes

Mindshop Accreditation

Mindshop is proud to recognise the learning achievements and delivery of the Mindshop tools and processes successfully by Mindshop advisors and leaders with its unique accreditation program. Advisors therefore have the ability to become Mindshop Accredited or Mindshop Expert, a key point of difference in a cluttered advisory market.

1. Mindshop Advisor
Active members of the Mindshop advisor community can display their affiliation with Mindshop with the use of this logo.

2. Mindshop Problem Solver
Individuals who’ve learnt great baseline problem solving skills whether advisor or user at the Coach or Train tier can now attain Mindshop Problem Solver Accreditation by completing Mindshop’s Problem Solver Foundation & Advanced courses and two other courses.

3. Mindshop Accredited
Active members of the Mindshop advisor community who complete 10 Mindshop Online courses; can provide evidence of completing either a Strategic Planning Workshop or 6 months of client coaching and are signed off by a Mindshop Director will reach this status and can say they are ‘Mindshop Accredited’. 

4. Mindshop Expert
Active members of the Mindshop advisor community who is Mindshop Accredited; has been a Mindshop member for at least 2 years; has run a Growth Hub or coaches (at the ‘Coach’ tier), over 6 clients via Mindshop Online for over 12 months and are signed off by a Mindshop Director will reach this status and can say they are a ‘Mindshop Expert’.

Mindshop Accredited Leader
Any active member of the Mindshop Leader community (and from July 1, 2020 those at ‘Train’ or ‘Coach’ tier on Mindshop Online) who have completed 8 Mindshop Online courses will reach this status and can say they are a ‘Mindshop Accredited Leader’.

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