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We often get asked, ‘What’s the difference between Mindshop and other business advisory support providers?’

Before answering we ask clients to tell us about their desired target clients, business advisory goals and journey to date when learning business advisory skills. The answers usually go along these lines:

  1. A packaged software or a product was purchased but it didn’t get used because it was clunky when working with clients.
  2. We tried scripted intellectual property, it looked easy for us advisors but it didn’t resonate with clients.
  3. We undertook an intensive learning program with a well-known guru, with mixed results.
  4. We engaged a coach, but they were too intense, trying to fix all our problems with a ‘just sell more’ message.
  5. A consultant was hired to drive business advisory, but they couldn’t get referrals or win work.

Armed with this knowledge we can answer the question “What’s the difference?” with the knowledge that each advisor is at a different stage of the learning journey.

We start by explaining our four philosophical differences

At the most fundamental level Mindshop takes a unique approach to building a successful business advisory offering:

  1. Capability is key: We continuously build advisors’ capability to have the confidence to say yes to new opportunities. Quality advisors won’t sell something they if they don’t believe they can deliver value.
  2. Client-focused IP: We build our intellectual property with superior end clients in mind, asking ourselves ‘What will be of value?’. Not just something slick to sell to advisors.
  3. Coaching and training delivered by the best of the best: Our coaches and trainers are the ‘best of the best’ from the Mindshop community at the coalface everyday with their own clients. They’re right up to date with the latest insights, methodologies and innovative technology.
  4. Learning and sharing with diverse peers: Over the past 25+ years we’ve fostered an amazing, diverse network encompassing large multi-national and boutique firms alongside independent consultants who share what’s working and what’s not through regular events and forums. We understand how to successfully implement business advisory services regardless of size or experience.

Are we a good fit?

We get Mindshop is not for everyone, but we are for those advisors who recognise that:

  • each client is different and that cookie cutter solutions don’t work.
  • you can’t sell your way to success in advisory, you need to evolve your capabilities continuously each year and be of high value to customers.
  • buying software alone will not solve your problem. It’s just a tool. 
  • it takes time to be good and will not happen from a one-day workshop alone. You need to put in the effort.
  • we are all in this together, so lets share what’s working, what’s not, have some fun on the journey and help each other succeed.

Nine ways Mindshop’s different:

  1. 25+years in business
  2. Value to others mindset
  3. The Mindshop community
  4. It’s what we don’t do
  5. A one stop shop
  6. We simplify complexity
  7. A depth of tools and processes
  8. Authenticity
  9. Technology & innovation Read more.

What next?
If you would like to explore the Mindshop support program in reference to your business advisory objectives or would like a Mindshop Online site tour, please contact your local Mindshop Regional Director.

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