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The Authentic Advisor

Packed with practical ideas and some frank observations, Mindshop’s ‘The Authentic Advisor’ Podcast is a series of monthly interviews discussing what works (and what does not) when delivering high performance as a business advisor. Watch out for new episodes on the first of each month.

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Coming Soon – Unlocking Happiness and Success in Business and in Life with Peter Longhurst.

Peter Longhurst, a long-time Mindshop advisor, shares insights on the keys to happiness and success in business and life. He discusses his journey from accounting to advisory, the impact of his book ‘A Simple Thank You,’ and the importance of core values and client-centricity. He emphasises the power of listening, simplicity, and the value of others in business.

Peter Longhurst
Longhurst Business Services

Understanding mental health challenges & embracing vulnerability as a high performing leader with Chris Black, Purpa.

Chris Black, a Director of Advisory Business, Purpa, shares insights on mental health challenges and leadership. He discusses the impact of mental health on business, the role of leaders in addressing mental health, and practical strategies for mitigating negative impacts. The conversation emphasises the importance of vulnerability, empathy, and creating a safe space for conversations around mental health.

Chris Black

Accelerating internal referrals and advisory results

Kirsty Bullen, a director at Campbell Tyson, discusses how she has been accelerating internal referrals and greater advisory success in the firm. Around for over 100 years, Campbell Tyson  is based in Pukekohe, New Zealand and has a varied client base, including the agricultural, commercial, and investment sectors. Mindshop tools have been used in the firm to bring consistency to the advisory services with a focus on workshops and business health checks to provide value to their clients. In this podcast Kirsty talks about how they cultivate referral relationships and focus on storytelling to deliver services.

Kirsty Bullen
Campbell Tyson

To sell or not to sell. The acquisition dilemma for professional service firms

Neal Morrison, partner at McInerney Saunders in Dublin, Ireland, shares insights on successfully selling an accounting firm. He discusses the background of his firm and the factors that led to their decision to sell. Neal emphasises the importance of culture, succession planning and alignment when choosing a buyer and highlights the benefits of partnering with a private equity firm. He also advises practitioners to get their own house in order before considering a sale and to ensure that key team members are incentivized. Neal concludes by offering his tips for others considering selling.

Neal Morrisson
Advisory Partner
McInerney Saunders

Success on the pathway to partner – traits that drive high performers

In this episode of the Authentic Advisor, James Mason interviews Tony Szczepaniak, the global CEO of LEA Global, about the pathway to partner in accounting firms. They discuss the challenges faced by firms, the attributes of high-performing leaders, programs for developing future partners, building business advisory skills, and tips for building a strong pathway to partnership. 

Tony Szczepaniak
Global CEO
LEA Global / Leading Edge Alliance 

The secrets to turning around under-performing businesses. 

In this episode of the Authentic Advisor, James Mason interviews Peter Lucas from Kestrel Solutions about turning around underperforming businesses. They discuss the challenges faced by business owners and managers, the early warning signs of a troubled business, and the use of technology for early identification. Peter shares his approach to starting the turnaround process, including conducting waste audits and involving the team. He also shares a case study of a successful turnaround in the timber windows and doors industry. The episode concludes with Peter offering final tips for advisors seeking to help their clients in similar situations.

Peter Lucas
Kestrel Solutions

Leveraging Business Health Checks to Drive Advisory Revenue Growth. 

Business Health Checks are a great foot-in-the-door business advisory offering for professional service firms wanting to add client value and bridge the gap between ‘the numbers’ and more intensive advisory services such as strategic planning workshops & implementation.  

But where do you start? Sharing her playbook, Lisa Wilson talks about how professional service firm Morrows design, price, deliver, promote and resource business health checks and why using Mindshop diagnostics, the Now-Where-How methodology and one page plans are integral to their success. Touching on how to generate internal referrals, Lisa also talks about capacity issues, reveals the power of ‘BAMFAM’ and shares ideas on how to use business health checks as a springboard into further advisory work.   

Lisa Wilson

EPISODE 41: Culture eats strategy for breakfast, myth or reality? 

Can a business get away with operational deficiencies if they’re run by a passionate group of people? Jason Langford-Brown shares his experience as a senior business advisor and coach as to whether culture is a bigger contributor to success than a winning strategy (as the well-known aphorism suggests). 
Do most organisations have an accidental culture? How is it businesses with seemingly toxic cultures still succeed? 
Jason and James Mason discuss what problems arise if a business holds onto staff that don’t align with core values and how culture can be fit for purpose, ultimately posing the question, ‘can culture be too perfect?’  

Jason Langford-Brown
United Kingdom

EPISODE 40: Is Growth Good? 

Should a business seek growth at any cost, or has there been a greater shift towards profitability and purpose in recent years? Independent advisor Rod Willers and Mindshop’s James Mason debate the assumption that growth means more revenue, and profit. Talking about growth strategy from a business advisor’s perspective, they discuss the impact of purpose, business values and economic sustainability on client growth strategies. What’s the difference between high and low growth organisations? Is it okay to follow a strategy of consolidation? How does one balance operational efficiency with strategic evolution? And importantly, what tips does Rod have for advisors when helping clients sustain a passion for growth and change? 

Rod Willers
Blue Ocean GPS

EPISODE 39: Reduce waste & improve inefficiency by leveraging Mindshop tools in your firm. 

How did a firm of 500+ staff go about identifying £1.5m of potential savings by finding opportunities to increase productivity and reduce waste? Lynsey Light of Kreston Reeves takes James Mason on a step-by-step journey through a far-reaching efficiency project using Mindshop tools & resources combined with business advisory know-how. Resulting in not only process efficiency, but also building credibility, skills and confidence to roll waste reduction services to clients over time. With Lynsey’s top tips on communication, getting senior buy-in and staff ownership and engagement. 

Lynsey Light
Business Advisory Senior Manager
Kreston Reeves
United Kingdom

EPISODE 38: Clear community purpose, culture & values in a firm. Who benefits & where to start. 

Why have a community purpose? What difference does it make to the culture, operations and success of a firm?  Jack Edmonds, Crowe UK talks to James Mason about the power of having pervasive values fully embraced from the managing partner to the newest recruit. How a clear community purpose benefits the firm, clients, and the staff personally along with knock-on effects to wider society. Jack shares his tips on how to structure programs, communicate values, where to start and the importance of authenticity. An uplifting and positive podcast for those looking to make a real difference.  

Jack Edmonds
Senior Manager
Crowe UK
United Kingdom


EPISODE 37: Leveraging tools & methodologies for problem solving & planning across Australia’s leading business service specialist.

What does it take to drive continuous improvement in an organisation? James Mason talks to Quinton Whitehead, Manager – Business Improvement about using Mindshop tools and processes at AG Coombs, Australia’s leading specialist provider of building services. 

There are numerous challenges for an organisation with over 1000 employees to successfully drive change. Quinton reveals what tools, processes and approaches he has taken to create a company-wide, consistent approach, overcoming change fatigue and creating a culture that embraces continuous improvement. 

Listen in for insights on successful blended learning ideas, shifts in change management from AI, and how to coach and facilitate successfully for quality improvement and change success. 

Quinton Whitehead
Manager – Business Improvement
AG Coombs
Melbourne, Australia

EPISODE 36: Balancing running an accounting firm & being an entrepreneur.

Owning and operating a successful accounting / business advisory firm is challenging enough on its own. How does Matt Sharwood, Director, Advise Accountants find the time to pursue his entrepreneurial aspirations whilst still maintaining excellent client outcomes?  

Matt discusses with James Mason the insights, benefits, technology and planning approaches he uses to successfully juggle running a high performing firm while growing a diverse number of businesses in areas like Kitchen manufacturing, Tiling and Property development. Matt shares how he identifies each business opportunity and his tips to ensure each are successful. Finally he touches on the two strategies he embraces for greater work / life balance. A great podcast to listen to for advisors and accountants who want to take the next a step into investing in diverse opportunities. 

Matt Sharwood
Advise Accountants
Bathurst, Australia


EPISODE 35: Leveraging diagnostics in advisory work.

Why are Mindshop diagnostics so effective uncovering deep client insights and saving business advisor’s time? Simon Drum, Managing Director of PSVC Advisory talks to James Mason about how diagnostics are a cornerstone of his business advisory model, in workshops, for process performance and due diligence activities and as a key part of his sales cycle.  

Simon talks at a granular level about how he uses Mindshop diagnostics, gathering comparison data prior to workshops from a broad set of respondents to supplement qualitative interviews to test if the ‘words and music’ match. Discussing how diagnostics allow advance incubation of ideas for richer discussions in the workshop, Simon talks about the benefits of understanding key issues rather than ‘going in blind’ so time is spent more effectively, with better client outcomes.  

Listen in as Simon reveals how he goes beyond simple lead generation questionnaires to move prospects rapidly through the sales cycle, delivering immediate value to clients with diagnostics that address key questions relevant to the business advisory services offered. 

Simon Drum
Managing Director,
PSVC Advisory
Melbourne, Australia


EPISODE 34. Shifts in learning and development, the four key trends critical to building capability in 2023 and beyond.

With vast amounts of content available through abundant channels it’s easy to become overwhelmed when building capability. What’s the best way to select, access and apply learning and development resources to meet your own current and future needs? If you’re a business advisor or coach, how do you meet the changing learning needs of your clients?

JoAnn Labbie, Chief People Officer, Allinial Global and James Mason talk about shifts occurring in learning and development, the importance of creating a career success plan, and how to maximise time available for skill development in a busy schedule. In this podcast, JoAnn shares her opinion on the future of learning, and the importance of ‘soft’ skills such as critical thinking, emotional intelligence and listening. Don’t miss JoAnn’s tips on how advisors can effectively upskill clients in the current unpredictable environment.

JoAnn Labbie
Chief People Officer
Allinial Global
Atlanta, GA, United States of America


EPISODE 33: Leadership and culture, what shifts are driving client success?

What are the latest shifts in leadership and culture? Nikita Tomlinson, Director at Sudburys Ltd, Northland, New Zealand talks to James Mason, Mindshop about what’s working for successful clients, and the top challenges they currently face. Exploring the key elements essential to building a high-performing culture and the impact on leadership strategies as businesses shift their focus back to profitability by streamlining operations. A must-listen for independent advisors and firms looking to get cutting edge insights on today’s leadership and culture consulting. Join Nikita and James as they reinforce the importance of developing a solid strategy in this area to help clients succeed.

Nikita Tomlinson
Director, Sudburys
Northland, New Zealand

EPISODE 32: Capitalising on diverse equity opportunities whilst running a successful advisory business.

Are you a business advisor looking to take equity stakes in businesses? Tune in to the latest episode of our podcast where Cameron McMillan, Principal, Right Hand Advisors, sits down with James Mason, Managing Director at Mindshop. Cameron shares his journey of getting more heavily involved in the ownership of other businesses while retaining his advisory business. He reveals how he determined which businesses to invest in and how his strategic planning and implementation advisory skills were vital during the process. Listen in to discover the practical ways Cameron manages to juggle the roles of advisor and investor, and learn about the barriers he had to overcome. Cameron also shares his top three tips for advisors looking to go down this path. Don’t miss out on this invaluable episode!

Cameron McMillan
Principal, Right Hand Advisors
QLD, Australia

EPISODE 31:  How advisors can help implement environmental, social & governance (ESG) strategies for clients & in their own firms: practical insights and examples.

Join James Mason as he interviews Dennis Lee, a Partner at RSM Singapore’s business consulting division, on practical ways advisors can implement environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategies for their clients and in their own firms. Increasingly, leaders are eager to learn and educate themselves, not just for environmental reasons but also to positively impact their business and people. Clients seek advice on how to take meaningful action, often requiring a major strategy rethink and radical change beyond simply changing the light bulbs. Don’t miss this episode on how advisors can make a significant difference in helping implement ESG strategies for a brighter future.c, wide ranging insights in this episode for every business advisor.

Dennis Lee
Partner, RSM Singapore

EPISODE 30: Advising owners how to build a successful business and personal balance sheet.

While at face value, many business owners seems to have it all figured out, in reality many have relationship, health and personal issues with a layer of business worries on top. That’s why Mario Vicari’s mantra as a business advisor to privately-held companies is: ‘if I do my job well, I make your life better’. In this podcast, Mario, director at the largest independently owned Philadelphia-based accounting firm with 250+ staff, shares his approach to complex problem solving through facilitation and how he avoids competitive bidding situations by being ‘advisory led’. Mario looks to future consequences of managing remote workforces, talking about his adaptive approach and shares the importance of building a solid personal balance sheet so clients have options when it’s time to exit the business. There’s a wealth of fantastic, wide ranging insights in this episode for every business advisor.

Mario Vicari
Director, Kreischer Miller

EPISODE 29: Flip fulfilled to filled full. Ten keys to happier leaders.

What relevance does the Buddhist metaphor of the second arrow have for business advisors? Nick Mayhew has a profound, optimistic message for business advisors; that a client’s emotional wellbeing (and their own for that matter) can be continuously improved through the application of ten key principles. After a tidal wave of disruption and years of choppy seas, we are all overdue some calmer waters. Nick shares how improving leaders’ personal emotional regulation can have positive effects that ripple through teams, businesses and to a wider circle of relationships. In this thoughtful, timely podcast, Nick and James Mason contemplate vision, purpose, rugby and the pleasure of breaking rocks. A perfect opening podcast for a new start.

Nick Mayhew
Managing Director, Alembic Strategy


EPISODE 28: From accountant to partner, independent business advisor & equity holder; a career delivering client value.

With over 35 years under his belt as a successful business advisor, Al Ramos has been there and done that. Sharing his insights and experiences in a candid conversation with James Mason, Al shares his top three tips for others on their journey to delivering business advice. Honouring your values, understanding that there is an opportunity cost to every decision you make and the importance of going to a ‘mental gym’ are just some of Al’s ‘must do’s’. Al shares his experience with cancer to highlight the importance of health and wellness to bring your best to all relationships both business and personal. After serving on a number of boards and taking equity shares in ‘businesses with potential’ Al shares how to balance directorship and being a paid for your advisory skill set fairly. Listen in to hear how Al’s passion for business advisory has developed throughout all phases of his career. Whether you’re just starting out in an accounting firm, moving from a corporate role to become an independent advisor or an established business advisor looking to take equity in their clients’ business, there is something for everyone in this episode.

Al Ramos
Director, Chess Strategy


EPISODE 27: Personal brands & niches in niches. Marketing shifts for accounting & advisory firms.

When Jacqueline Watson’s not running the London marathon, she’s guiding Henderson Loggie’s marketing and business development activities. Learn how Henderson Loggie are dominating targeted markets with laser-focused communications, personal brand-building and storytelling built on community purpose and business vision. Hear about what’s working, what’s not, shifts in tone of voice, plus the social media platforms delivering cut through recruitment and go-to-market campaigns. If you want to know how your accounting or advisory firm can to tap into the ‘rise of the individual’ and stand out in saturated markets this is the podcast for you!

Jacqueline Watson
Director, Henderson Loggie

EPISODE 26: Winning higher value advisory work. What does it take to step up?

George Virtue, former Managing Partner of Avail CPA, Southern Alberta’s largest independently owned business advisory and accounting firm has spent 40 years providing business advisory services to clients. In this power-packed podcast he shares his key strategies for success with James Mason, Mindshop’s Managing Director. George answers key questions: How did Avail add $40k of advisory work on top of $10k of compliance fees on some client engagements? How did Avail make the shift to advisory? How does Avail price their services? George suggests solutions to the perennial ‘capacity’ problem and reveals why he’s scared going into client meetings! Listen in to hear how this firm has succeeded by becoming advisory-led.

George Virtue
Former Managing Partner, Avail CPA


EPISODE 25: How firms can capitalise on client data & insight opportunities

With the right systems and processes accounting firms have an opportunity to deliver rich, data-driven insights to clients, a foundation for other business advisory revenue opportunities such as problem-solving discussions, strategy & implementation. But firms face a myriad of disparate data sources combined with a lack of capacity and technical knowledge. Amanda Kenafake CEO of Power Tynan addressed these challenges in her own firm five years ago and is now helping other firms on the same journey. Listen in as Amanda shares her tips on how firms can harness data and analytics to go beyond the numbers with clients and drive greater advisory revenue.

Amanda Kenafake
CEO Power Tynan


EPISODE 24: Hitting coaching heights, overcoming self sabotaging behavious & addressing hot client issues.

Dr Chris Mason coaches hundreds of senior people around the world. Listen in for his practical tips on addressing the hot issues he’s encountering at the moment from addressing client fragility and staff engagement issues to the perennial question of how to free up time. 

What’s the secret sauce to being an elite coach? Many look good on paper and have done all the courses but lack that certain something. Chris talks through the six traits he believes you need to lead from the front. How can you overcome self sabotaging behaviours in yourself and others? Chris talks about how he’s using New York Times bestselling book Positive Intelligence (PQ) by Stanford Lecturer Shirzad Chamine to change negative to positive responses to challenges in real life situations. A podcast jam-packed full of useful insights.

Dr Chris Mason
Mindshop Founder & Chairman

EPISODE 23: Accidental energy vampire spotting, tips for advisor aspirants & musings on virtual v F2F delivery.

If I only knew then what I know now. Mulling over past business advisory experiences, Angela Grogan and James Mason discuss the challenges ahead for up-and-coming advisors, offering some top ‘pitfall-avoiding’ tips. What’s their consensus on virtual advisory, is it here to stay? And finally why do some seemingly successful advisors stagnate? Could it be they are ‘accidental’ energy vampires? Listen in to find out! 
Angela Grogan
Mindshop Regional Director &
Director, Best Business Results

EPISODE 22: LinkedIn, procrastination & is everything old new again?

Typically in this podcast series, we’ve taken a deep dive into one key area but this episode is a bit different. Instead James Mason and Russell Cummings wrangle with a number of topics. Starting with whether LinkedIn is becoming more like Facebook and if so, what impact does this have on businesses using the platform as a marketing tool? Moving on, they talk about whether newer, more complex tools are more effective when problem solving with clients than old favourites. Finally discussing if procrastination is more prevalent than ever before and if so, why? What can advisors do to help themselves and others make decisions and execute plans? Listen in as these two seasoned professionals chew the fat.

Russell Cummings
Business Coach


EPISODE 21: Top global accounting trends and future opportunities for firms

As President and CEO of the 2nd largest association of independent accounting firms across the globe, Mark Koziel is in a unique position to provide insights into future trends and opportunities for accounting firms.

In this wide-ranging discussion with James Mason, Mark shares his thoughts on how firms can address increasing client demands, strategies for growth in the face of capacity issues, and his thoughts on the ‘compliance is dead’ narrative. Touching on the keys to a successful merger, blockchain, and even the future of hybrid events, this is not to be missed podcast from someone with a worldwide view in touch with hundreds of industry leaders.

Mark Koziel CPA, CGMA
President & CEO
Allinial Global

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EPISODE 20: Driving performance, a Managng Partner’s perspective

Helen’s story is an unusual one and what sets her apart from other accountancy practice leaders is her background of more than 30 years in Human Resources. With a belief that culture is what sets apart great professional service firms she’s gone about guiding WR Partners through a time of intense change. Generously sharing her approach to driving strategy implementation across the business, Helen talks about how to tap into discretionary effort to boost business and personal performance and tips on how to tackle ‘cave dwellers’. A not to be missed episode for senior leaders looking for a playbook on how to drive firmwide performance.

Helen Spencer
Managing Partner
WR Partners, UK

EPISODE 19: Systematising a high performing advisory business

What’s the secret to creating leverage in an advisory business?

Mindshop’s James Mason talks to Sean Martyn about the approach he’s taking with Business by Design, taking a ‘done for you’ approach based on great systems and processes, why systemisation ‘kills waste’ and the importance of not ‘winging it’ when selling. Listen in to hear a wealth of insights from somebody with 25 years’ experience.

Sean Martyn
Business by Design

EPISODE 18: Advisor to entrepreneur – a story of rapid growth

As an established business owner and entrepreneur, Adrian Romero has been on a rapid growth trajectory, now employing over 500 employees across a range of businesses. In this episode of the Authentic Advisor, James Mason sits down with Adrian to discuss the secrets to his growth success and how a focus on return on time is crucial to allowing him to stay productive and juggle his many commitments. A must listen for advisors wanting to get an entrepreneur’s perspective on achieving business success and helping clients.

Adrian Romero
EFE Consulting Group

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EPISODE 17: Recruiting right – how to find the ideal candidate
for your business.

Attracting great staff is more challenging than ever and employers are finding they’re no longer in the box seat. With less people in the market expecting more money, plus work from home flexibility, wellbeing support, career progression and great social activities, how can employers hope to get it right? James Mason talks to Suzanne Whitmarsh, Managing Director at 1st Executive about the importance of ‘getting your house in order’ before starting the recruitment process and why just writing up a position description is no longer going to cut it. Listen in to learn about employee expectations in today’s market, workforce planning for a robust business and why people really leave a role.

Suzanne Whitmarsh
Managing Director
1st Executive

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EPISODE 16: Family business succession planning, an advisors’ guide to having challenging conversations.

Often for the head of a family business, work is intrinsic to their sense of self, the foundation of their relationships, status and position in the community and the question of succession planning is one that’s avoided until too late. Harry Kras has been facilitating in the challenging but rewarding family business niche for over 25 years and he shares his story, approach and insights with Mindshop’s James Mason in this fascinating podcast. Listen to Harry’s thoughts on what it takes to be a great family business facilitator, why trust and communication are key and what a great opportunity advisors have to make a difference in this space.

Harry Kras
Family Business Resource Centre

EPISODE 15: Attraction and retention of the best talent
Duration: 24 minutes

Attraction and retention of good staff is already a challenge. Then add an alleged post-pandemic ‘great resignation’ and it’s looking insurmountable. One firm going against the tide is US firm Herbein + Co, Inc enjoying low turnover rates and high levels of unsolicited employment applications in contrast to many in the accounting world. In this podcast, Herbein’s Managing Partner David Stonesifer shares the strategies and culture making a difference in their firm with Mindshop Founder and Chairman Dr Chris Mason. Dave talks about the importance of mutual respect, having an understanding that sometimes life gets in the way and why being a ‘destination employer’ is about giving employees a voice, getting professional accountants to do the talking and handing out a swag or two.

David W. Stonesifer, CPA
Herbein + Company, Inc.

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EPISODE 14: Purpose beyod profit – connecting with your local community
Duration: 21 minutes

For Neil Sinclair and the team at WK Advisors and Accountants based in New Zealand’s South Island, the concept of community purpose is more than ‘ticking a box’ as part of their strategic plan, it’s part of who they are and is in the firm’s DNA. Talking to Mindshop’s Managing Director, James Mason, Neil shares how the ‘WK Effect’ evolved from a genuine desire to help the local community to becoming a lighthouse guiding everything they do, and every decision they make.
Neil talks about the unexpected (but not unwelcome) side benefits of this philosophy, from building awareness and attracting quality staff, to prospects announcing that they ‘want to be like the clients in the video’. WK has used advisory services as a vehicle for staff to help local sporting clubs and charities for which they have a passion. The result is not only rewarding careers through connection with the local community but a real chance to make the region a better place to live, work and play. 
Neil Sinclair
WK Advisors and Accountants
New Zealand

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EPISODE 13: Virtual productivity insights for independent advisors
Duration: 25 minutes

Paul Hopwood hasn’t had a face to face meeting in 18 months and that’s the way he (and his clients) like it. Mindshop Expert, chartered accountant, and independent advisor of over 20 years, Paul talks to Mindshop’s James Mason about the lack of downsides to working virtually, (apart from the toll on your eyesight). Working with over 60 retainer-based clients, Paul reveals how he has increased his productivity 400% and suggests virtual training and coaching are actually better than face to face. Learn what technology, tools and processes Paul uses and what he’s going to revert to (or not) when we get back to ‘normality’ in this thought-provoking podcast. 

Paul Hopwood
Paul Hopwood Consulting Ltd
United Kingdom

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EPISODE 12: Beyond the numbers, bringing your team on a business advisory journey
Duration: 24 minutes

Business advisory conversations come naturally to some. But bringing a wider accounting team with differing levels of interest and aptitude on an advisory journey requires structure, tenacity and planning to successfully turn informal chats into commercialised services. Wendy Davies, Director of Business Advisory at Nexia Perth, Australia talks to Mindshop’s Managing Director James Mason about busy accountants, why ‘taking your own medicine’ is key to confidence and how to enthuse and educate your team. Sharing tips on building problem solving skills, Wendy talks about blending advisory into compliance delivery at the individual level to accelerate referrals, ensure authenticity and client engagement on a deeper level. 

Wendy Davies
Director Business Advisory
Nexia Perth

LISTEN                    WATCH

EPISODE 11: Overcoming mindset barriers
Duration: 21 minutes

This compelling episode charts Angela Grogan’s successful journey from taking shorthand as a receptionist to becoming partner of an  accounting firm and then making a leap of faith to go out on her own as an independent business advisor. Angela reveals how having a great mindset helped her overcome challenges of juggling family and the risks of setting up on her own to achieve her goal of becoming an integral part of her clients’ businesses.

Touching on practical ways advisors can overcome typical mindset barriers of being ‘too busy’ and ‘lacking capacity’ so they can break the habits holding them back, Angela talks about the importance of energy, overcoming the ‘imposter syndrome’ and how to surround yourself with the ‘right’ people for success. A great listen for anyone wanting to be inspired with some entrepreneurial spirit.

Angela Grogan
Best Business Results

EPISODE 10: A master class in coaching leaders
Duration: 22 minutes

Over the past decades, Dr Chris Mason has guided the success of thousands of senior advisors and business leaders from major corporates to micro businesses. He shares his expertise on delivering significant value coaching over 140 senior leaders around the world. Chris tackles the current reoccurring challenges faced by leaders whilst ensuring he is fully leveraged and efficient. 
Full of insights, this podcast covers how to balance problem solving issues respectfully whilst challenging clients to think outside the box.
A must listen for any advisor coaching clients.

Dr Chris Mason
Chairman and Founder



EPISODE 9: Packaging and pricing advisory services
Duration: 22 minutes

Pricing and packaging high value advisory services is challenging. Should you offer monthly retainers or hourly rates? What do you do when your prospect goes pale when you tell them the price? How do you avoid scope creep? Mindshop Expert Russell Cummings answers these questions and more drawing on his 35 years of experience as an independent business advisor talking to Mindshop’s Managing Director James Mason in the upcoming episode of ‘The Authentic Advisor’ podcast series.

Russell Cummings



EPISODE 8: Scaling up advisory services in professional service firms
Duration: 25 minutes

In episode 8 of ‘The Authentic Advisor’ podcast, James Mason Managing Director of Mindshop is joined by David Smith, Managing Partner of MHA Henderson Loggie, Chartered Accountants, Tax and Business Advisors a 110 year old firm with four offices across Scotland. David shares his journey in growing MHA Henderson Loggie’s advisory businesses, exploring how the development of four Growth Hubs supported by one to one coaching became a conduit for further advisory work and firm-wide referrals.

If you or your firm are looking to create or scale up your business advisory offering then this is the podcast for you!

David Smith
MHA Henderson Loggie



EPISODE 7: Evolutions in delivering strategic planning services for advisors
Duration: 23 minutes

In a rapidly changing world, the need for a strategic plan to be a guide rather than set in concrete is imperative. As Dwight Eisenhower said, ‘planning is everything, the plan is nothing’. Michael Burke shares his key tips for helping clients implement plans successfully, looking at risk, using forward thinking tools like strategic SWOT and how to help clients prepare for ‘black swan’ events. He shares his ideas on how to get the best out of a client’s strategic planning session, setting pre-work, how to navigate planning session pitfalls and the importance of avoiding the ‘cookie cutter’ approach. A ‘must listen’ podcast for any advisor offering strategic planning services.

Michael Burke
Burke Corporate Advisory Group



EPISODE 6: Shifts in selling advisory services
Duration: 20 minutes

Discussing what selling advisory actually means in the current environment and how the market has changed over recent years, Mike Boyle, Director, Sales Shift, touches on the critical shift advisors need to make from ‘being right’, with a focus on technical capabilities to being a facilitator with the attributes needed to problem solve for clients, all summed up in the mantra “fall in love with customers’ problems not your solutions”. Mike talks about the power of asking questions to connect the dots based on data and insights and the continuing importance of building the fundamentals – sales processes, strong referrals and demonstrating proof of capability whilst being authentic to yourself.

Mike Boyle
Sales Shift



EPISODE 5: Profiling tools for advisors
Duration: 20 minutes

Profiling is a key tool for gathering data and starting meaningful client conversations for an advisor. Susannah Brade-Waring shares her insights into the different types and uses of profiling tools and how they can be integrated into their wider business model to deliver the most value for the client and advisor alike.

Susannah Brade-Waring
Aspirin Business Solutions



EPISODE 4: Building resilience
Duration: 17 minutes

How can advisors and their clients adapt well in the face of adversity? Dr Darryl Cross, psychologist, coach, author and speaker discusses how advisors and leaders can gain the mental toughness, energy and attributes to build the resilience needed to support their teams, clients and themselves.

Dr Darryl Cross
Institute for Leadership Coaching, SA, Australia



EPISODE 3: Advisory technology for professional service firms
Duration: 17 minutes

In this ‘must listen’ podcast for those in accounting firms who want to provide exceptional advisory services through the effective use of technology, James Mason is joined by Dixie McCurley, Co-Founder and President of Trusted CFO Solutions, based in Atlanta, GA, United States.

Dixie McCurley
Co-Founder and President
Trusted CFO Solutions, GA, United States



EPISODE 2: Leverage in Advisory Firms
Duration: 16 minutes

In this episode, James Mason is joined by Craig Stanmore, CEO of Enspira Financial an advisory and accounting firm in Sydney, Australia. Discussion focuses on the different ways business advisors can improve efficiency and capacity, and how various technologies can assist in ‘unlocking the numbers’ to problem solve for clients.

Craig Stanmore, CEO
Enspira Financial, Sydney, Australia



EPISODE 1: Marketing for Business Advisors
Duration: 16 minutes

In this inaugural episode of ‘The Authentic Advisor’ podcast series, Mindshop Managing Director James Mason interviews James Atkins who shares his experience and ideas on how to create cut through in a cluttered business advisory market. 

James Atkins, Director
Vantage Strategy, Melbourne, Australia



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