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Support for Independent Advisors

Mindshop Independent Advisor Diagnostic

Create Your Business Advisory Roadmap

with Mindshop’s Independent Advisor Performance Diagnostic

Guide your advisory success for the years ahead. Create a detailed, tailored roadmap on how to achieve superior business advisory performance as an independent advisor. Complete the independent advisor performance diagnostic to:

  • identify your strengths & weaknesses.
  • prioritise actions for success.
  • Get a heatmap of your current performance across eight success factors and eight foundational traits.
  • receive a detailed Mindshop Online Page Plan with four strategies & actions to focus on for success.
  • discover the five key barriers holding you back.

(40 questions, 7 minutes to complete)

Scale & Grow Your Advisory Business

with the proven Mindshop support program
Many types of independent advisors make up the Mindshop community:
  • senior consultants with decades of experience.
  • executives moving from a corporate role to becoming a business coach.
  • specialist, niche consultants and advisors, and
  • long term business coaches.

Network, Learn & Share

collaborate with senior peers around the globe

In a volatile and unpredictable marketplace independent advisors need experienced support to help navigate their way through what at times is uncharted waters. Mindshop ensures its advisors have a competitive advantage by continuously developing new intellectual property, training and technology and providing market-leading coaching.

Mindshop becomes an independent advisor’s ‘secret weapon’ helping achieve scale and growth year after year. Advisors can be confident they have Mindshop supporting them each step of the way. 

Join Leading Independent Advisors From Around The World


Eight Reasons Why Independent Advisors Joined Mindshop

'I wanted to learn how to grow a successful advisory business from someone at the top of their game.'
'To move from hourly rates and project-based fees to retainer-based pricing to get monthly recurring income.'

'To access innovative advisory technology and scale the number of clients we can coach and train.'
'To avoid wasting time year after year developing new intellectual property, tapping into a proven methodology & tools to drive strategic change.'
'It's lonely as an independent advisor, so I wanted to access a global peer group of quality operators to share what's working and what's not.'
'To continuously 'sharpen the saw’ through professional development and regular training on topics like delivery, sales, business models, implementation, strategy and marketing so I stay ahead of competitors.'
'To avoid being tied to a rigid ‘franchise’ system, as I have my own approach. But I wanted insights on complementing and improving the way I do things.'
'For guidance on how to sell, price and market my advisory services and get cut through in a cluttered market.'

Mindshop Advisor Success Stories

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