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Mindshop Professional Service Firm Diagnostic

Create Your Firm’s Business Advisory Roadmap

with Mindshop’s Professional Service Firm Business Advisory Performance Diagnostic

Guide your firm’s advisory success for the years ahead. Create a detailed, tailored roadmap on how to achieve superior business advisory performance. Complete the professional service firm business advisory performance diagnostic to:

  • Reveal where you are now versus your future aspirations against five advisory performance levels
  • Get a heatmap of your current performance across ten success factors and eight foundational traits.
  • receive a detailed Mindshop Online Page Plan with four strategies & actions for your firm to focus on for success.
  • discover the five key barriers holding your firm back.

(46 questions, 8 minutes to complete)

Build a Successful Business Advisory Service

with the proven Mindshop support program

Accounting firms in the Mindshop community include:

  • Sole practitioners
  • Boutique firms
  • Mid-sized, multi office firms &
  • Large national groups

Don’t Reinvent The Wheel

leverage Mindshop’s resources & pre-built service lines

Every firm is at a different stage of their journey implementing business advisory services.
Firms just starting out want to add more structure to natural conversations, some have had multiple false starts over their journey, others want a common business advisory offering rolled out across a national group and yet more may be experienced in business advisory services but want to push to another level. We cater to all.

Often we hear accounting firms say it’s their inability to sell advisory services that’s holding them back from success, but in actuality it’s usually a lack of capability or capacity.

So this is where Mindshop focuses its support, training and resources for lasting firm-wide success. Good firms won’t sell something (or scale something) if they don’t feel they can deliver genuine value to their quality clients.

Regardless of whether you are a boutique firm or a large nationwide group, Mindshop’s support program helps you grow a high performing advisory service line.

Eight Reasons Why Accounting Firms Joined Mindshop

'We wanted to move from hourly rates or project-based fees to a more retainer based model (creating monthly recurring income was important.)'
'To access to quality training and support to help our wider team improve their advisory and problem-solving skills. So we can better assist clients beyond pure numbers and compliance. '
'To access experienced coaching on how to build and grow a successful business advisory offering from people who have already and continue to achieve success.'
'To belong to a global community of quality firms to share what’s working and what’s not in the business advisory space. '
'We don’t want to be tied to a rigid ‘franchised’ style systems that didn’t suit us. We wanted a solution branded as our own with approaches adaptable to suit our firm's unique style. '
'To save years attempting to develop our own intellectual property. By accessing an array of pre-built business advisory service lines that can complement and integrate well with what we already provide customers. '
'To have regular professional development in delivery techniques, sales, business models, leadership, implementation, strategy, marketing and pricing to continuously improve our capabilities and also streamline how we run the firm so we are authentic for clients.’
'To access to innovative advisory technology to help us scale how many clients we can coach and train, plus diagnostic tools the entire team can use to perform business health checks.'

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