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Mindshop started in 1994 in Melbourne, Australia as a family-run business with a philosophy of helping others using proven business tools and techniques. Fast-forward to today and a thriving business builds on these foundations now supporting a membership base of over 1,100 business leaders and advisors across 12 countries.

Founded by Dr Chris Mason, Mindshop has a focus of building high performing business advisors but assists people all ages and professions, from students exploring future career paths via the charitable trust, Mindshop Excellence run by Chris’ wife Julie, all the way through to the most senior business leaders driving growth and profit in their organizations.

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In the years prior to establishing Mindshop, Chris was a successful advisor in the Australian market, working with organisations such as Nissan, Bosch, Amcor, Pilkington and Hella. Over time, other independent advisors approached Chris to work together as a virtual consulting team, learning the business tools and processes he’d developed or was using successfully from the wider market.

As the number of advisors wanting support grew, a licensing model was implemented, resulting in the creation of the Mindshop brand.

Over the years Mindshop expanded to support professional service firms seeking to complement their traditional compliance offerings with business advisory services as they moved beyond the numbers. Support is now extended to business leaders via the community of Mindshop advisors who use Mindshop’s products such as Mindshop Online (for learning and coaching support) and Growth Hubs to support thousands of businesses each year around the world.

Today, Mindshop is run by Chris’ son, James Mason who has been Managing Director since 2001 with Chris continuing in the role of Chairman and Director of Coaching. Chris’ daughter Emily also works in the business in the Education and Learning area and his son Brett provides IT support services through his business Traction IT.

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Our Values

Mindshop is a family owned business, we live and breathe the six core values shared by our global community.

1. Value to Others

We think of others first before our own needs, whether with suppliers, alliance partners, customers or team members. We’re always looking for ways to help others with our skills and knowledge with no hidden agenda for personal gain.

We are very prompt, professional, caring, courteous and humble with all those with whom we do business, treating others as we want to be treated at all times.

2. Best Practice

We have a growth mindset and always look for more effective ways of doing things.

Acting as sponges of quality business advisory knowledge from around the world and a variety of industries, we develop evidenced-based tools and processes to create high performing businesses and people.

Innovators, we embrace new technologies to disrupt and reimagine the markets in which we work.

3. Continuous Improvement

Never happy with the status quo, we are always looking for better ways of doing things.

Seeking to reduce the complexity in business processes and models, any solution we develop needs to be very practical and customer focused.

We focus on providing advice to create sustainable and very high performing small to medium sized businesses.

4. Community Contribution

Through our charity Mindshop Excellence, we build capability today in tomorrow’s problem solvers.

Mindshop Excellence fast tracks the development of young minds through a one week employer-hosted work experience program aimed at fostering skills such as teamwork and self confidence. Mindshop Excellence has provided support and education in critical problem solving skills for close to 10,000 students globally since it’s inception.

5. Fun

We can have a laugh at ourselves and don’t take things too seriously.

We treat our events as family gatherings where all are welcomed and made to feel at home. Our events are not a sales opportunity and we do NOT have sponsors at our events.

We only work with people we feel we could have home to dinner and feel having fun does not mean corny team building activities or things that make people feel uncomfortable.

6. Authenticity

Authentic in all we do, we are happy to discuss both our strengths and weaknesses so we can grow.

We are understated and humble in public forums about our achievements and successes.

We call it as we see it with people we care about regardless of their opinion of us afterwards, and we don’t have to be all things to all people or be liked by all.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading source of innovation, training, intellectual property, coaching and leverage to quality business advisors around the globe, who fit with our core values. We will be market leaders at taking our target market on a tailored learning journey to achieve their high performance business advisory and personal goals with lifelong, sustained impact for them and their clients.


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Dr. Chris Mason

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Dr. Chris Mason

James Mason

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Dr Chris Mason

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Community Purpose

Established by Mindshop founders Chris and Julie Mason in 1993, Mindshop Excellence is designed to offer a no cost, one week work experience program for Year 10 students. Starting with students from Caulfield Grammar School, Melbourne, Australia, the program grew rapidly to other states in Australia and has now been experienced by over 3,000 across Australia, UK and USA. In 1995 the Mindshop Educational Trust was established to coordinate the program.

Comprising a one week employer-hosted work experience program, students act as a consultancy team to solve a real issue of concern to the host company. Students are trained in the relevant Mindshop personal and business problem solving tools and are shown how to apply the tools, reporting back to the company, the school and their parents at the conclusion of the program. This collaboration has seen many amazing solutions to hundreds of real business problems.

For more information on the Mindshop Excellence Program, or to get involved, visit the Mindshop Excellence website here.

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