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Mindshop  Diagnostic

Mindshop has over 10 online diagnostics that advisors can use as lead generation tools for prospective customers, to demonstrate capabilty when solving challenges or as a way of gathering insights prior to business health checks or other client workshops. 

A selection of the online diagnostics are available below for you to try. 

In this volatile world, clients need assistance as issues or opportunities arise, ‘stock piling’ for your quarterly face-to-face catch up is simply too late. Create greater leverage in your business with Mindshop Online to coach up to ten times more clients than traditional face-to-face methods for just in time support and accountability during your client engagements from anywhere in the world.

Mindshop Online is a powerful learning and development platform, brand it as your own to coach and train your clients while accessing Mindshop’s 100’s of tools and courses. To customise the platform further, add your own tools, courses and videos visible only to your clients.

Coaching online improves efficiency and reduces cost, with less time spent travelling and using a single source of information about your clients’ goals, actions and training progress, it’s a much more effective use of your time and a ‘win-win’ for you and your client.

For a small monthly investment that you can integrate into a client’s retainer, you can harness into your advisory business the power of Mindshop Online’s pre-built courses, tools and coaching technology.

Offer Mindshop online training to your customers to reinforce skills and support geographically dispersed team members. Leverage Mindshop’s pre-built courses as-needed or create custom courses using your own modules, videos and intellectual property.

Combine Mindshop’s material with your own modules on your own branded version of Mindshop Online. It’s free to create unlimited custom courses on Mindshop Online held confidentially for your own exclusive use with clients.

For a nominal one off investment you can on-sell online courses, harnessing the power of Mindshop’s online training

Leverage Mindshop’s skills in program design and content development to save weeks of time tailoring large scale learning and development programs. Whether for small or large clients or to drive your own internal training, Academy Programs are ideal for leadership development or to address specific training needs.

For a small monthly investment per group, Mindshop completes a training needs analysis, then creates a custom program researched and dto deliver. Save time using our quarterly agendas, presentations built on your own template, handouts, timings and presenter notes.

Developed for you for a complete blended learning and development solution, combine Academy Programs with Mindshop Online coaching and training. Leveraging Mindshop Online frees valuable time for you to deliver a leading-edge program tailored to the specific needs of your client.

Talk to your regional manager to start an Academy Program.

Save time and provide valuable training and support for your best customers. Mindshop Growth Hubs let you run quarterly, half-day training workshops for clients, supporting them with skill building, accountability on strategies, actions and networking opportunities.

  • – Leverage Mindshop’s skills in program design and content development
  • – Saves you weeks building topical workshop content
  • – Clients find workshops invaluable in achieving their growth and profit objectives
  • – Highly beneficial for advisors to run these programs to build skills in delivering new content.
  • – Growth Hubs allow advisors to demonstrate capability to prospective clients
  • – Combine with Mindshop Online access for coaching and training for a complete blended learning and development program

For a small monthly investment per group, Mindshop researches and develops content for you to deliver including quarterly agendas, presentations built on your own template, handouts, timing and presenter notes. Mindshop also guides the running of the group with suggestions on marketing flyers and timing of when to send agendas.

Talk to your regional manager if seeking to start a Growth Hub

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