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Successful advisors leverage new mobile site for client solutions


Successful advisors leverage new mobile site for client solutions


In this fast-paced, ultra-connected world, advisors are gaining a competitive advantage by leveraging mobile solutions. Having access to support systems on the road allows advisors to optimise the use of their time, accessing online tools and support “at the coalface”. This ability to demonstrate agility and responsiveness to clients is no longer a nice to have, but essential to succeed in today’s competitive advisory landscape.

Successful advisors are using Mindshop Mobile

Advisors need the freedom to deliver cut-through solutions for clients anywhere, anytime. That’s why we’ve launched our new mobile site, to give advisors the power of Mindshop in the palm of their hand to compliment the main Mindshop Online platform.

Designed to give access when in the field to the four Mindshop pillars of coaching, tools/resources, training and a global advisory community, Mindshop Mobile delivers the agility and responsiveness to drive both their clients and their own success.

Here’s just five ways Mindshop Mobile powers successful advisors…

1. A Mindshop coach in their pocket

mindshop-mobile-strategies-and-actions-160x300When out of the office, advisors still have instant access to all their confidential strategies and actions for growing their advisory business from the palm of their hand. Plus they can immediately interact with an experienced Mindshop coach, review the tools they’ve suggested as a solution and gather invaluable feedback.

2. Access to 120+ business tools

mindshop-mobile-one-page-plan-160x300Knowing the agenda for their next customer meeting includes the need to deliver a planning session, Mindshop Mobile advisors can quickly prepare by searching for tools, finding the one page plan, watching the demonstration video and reading the step-by-step guide to delivering the tool. Great preparation means delivery of a fantastic customer meeting or workshop.

3. Tap into the power of the Mindshop community

mindshop-mobile-discussion-forum-160x300The advice of hundreds of experienced Mindshop advisors is now a tap away on a mobile device via the Mindshop discussion forum. Advisors can quickly ask a question, gain advice, and collaborate, all from a mobile device.

4. Demonstrate agility with customers

mindshop-mobile-users-160x300Advisors can keep on top of customers’ latest challenges or opportunities by reviewing their customers’ strategies and actions while out of the office. Staying in touch means they can respond to questions and requests for feedback in a timely manner, anywhere, anytime while also leveraging the power of the Mindshop tools in responses. A big competitive advantage.

5. Work smarter, manage more clients

mindshop-mobile-photo-capture-160x300Smart advisors embed Mindshop Mobile into their everyday work practises allowing them to support more customers, more often. They can capture photos with Mindshop Mobile of whiteboard brainstorming sessions and post them directly into a client’s strategy and action area for future reference. Setting the next actions and capturing all their work while still on-site eliminates the need for follow up emails and time-consuming write-up of notes back at the office. All these time savers add up to advisors being able to coach and support more customers with less resources.

Extending the power of mobile to your clients

Advisors can also share the power of Mindshop Mobile’s flexibility and responsiveness with their own customers by leveraging their own “white label” version of Mindshop Online a powerful competitive advantage.

Learn more about Mindshop Mobile by watching the video.

How are you going to differentiate your advisory business to stay ahead of your competition?

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