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Business Leaders are honing their skills, how about you?


Business Leaders are honing their skills, how about you?

We’ve recently seen increasing numbers of Mindshop Business Leaders achieve Accredited Mindshop Leader (AMSL) status, with 68% of our online course completions in October being by users rather than advisors, highlighting the need for advisors to allocate time to hone their skills and capabilities to stay ahead of the game.

Since August, Mindshop has seen a 100% increase in Business Leaders achieving the AMSL status including members of Jason Langford-Brown’s (UK) Glide group, Helmut Beck’s (GER) TGS group and Mike Boyle’s (AUS) group – Crazy Domains.

With three Business Leader Groups, Michael Burke commented recently on why it’s important to keep up to date:

‘The business world is changing rapidly and business leaders are looking for advisors who are up to date, not just with tools and methodologies but also latest real-world examples. They want advisors at the cutting edge of their fields and who will challenge ‘old thinking’. Chances are most businesses have heard the old stuff. The challenger business advisor will provoke thinking because they are ahead of the pack.’

Just in time learning is the key for advisors to remain agile and stay ahead of business leaders’ requirements. Face to face training has an 8-10% retention rate versus 25-60% for e-learning. The key being that you can learn when and where you need it in response to real client requirements.

What should advisors do next?

  1. Assess your capability gaps and formulate a learning pathway
  2. Set aside time in your diary on a weekly basis and commit to completing key Mindshop Online training courses
  3. Once you’ve completed a course, use your coach to support and guide you, keeping you accountable to cement your new skills by applying them in real-life situations.
  4. Use Mindshop Mobile to rapidly access tools for current issues
  5. Scan through past Mindshop ‘How to’ webinar recordings


Good luck!

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