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Boost your probability of change success


Boost your probability
of change success

Do you have plenty of great ideas to improve your business but continually fail to successfully implement them? It’s a common problem, with 70% of change projects failing to get off the ground.

What’s worse, unless you pinpoint the reasons why projects are failing and address the root causes, they are likely to waste time and money going around the same loop in the future.

Mindshop’s change success diagnostic cuts through to the root cause of the problems, identifying where a client is likely to need remedial action before starting on a change project.

Developed in 2014 by Dr Chris Mason as part of his industrial organisational psychology PhD, the model identifies 3 main factors and 10 sub factors impacting on an organisation’s ability to change.

  1. Readiness (30%):
    How ready is the organisation and the people within that organisation to implement change? What support is being provided by the leadership team? How critical is the project and ‘what’s in it for me’ i.e how important is the change to the individuals involved?
  2. Capability (40%):
    The skills, people, training and resources required to successfully change both from an organisational and people perspective.
  3. Beliefs (30%):
    The overall attitude of the organisation in relation to the change, the perceived difficulty of the project, team attitude to the change and the opinion of ‘significant others’ whether internal peers or personal connections.

As industries, markets, economic circumstances and the world in general continues to change apace, it’s imperative that clients can quickly and effectively get change projects off the ground.

Business advisors are in a unique position to make substantial, positive impact on many of the change success factors identified in the model. Why not try the change success diagnostic with your clients and on your own organisation before you kick off a project to dramatically improve your chances of change success? Click here to try the change success diagnostic or send link to your clients.

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