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Mindshop 2020 High Performance Advisory Report


Advisors – evolve your strategic planning &
coaching approach or risk becoming irrelevant

Mindshop's High Performace Advisor Report - The Authentic Advisor

Mindshop’s 2020 high performance report discusses mastering business advisory fundamentals to become ‘The Authentic Advisor’. Highlighting:

  • Implementation with clients is big opportunity in 2020. They want less ‘why’ and more ‘how’
  • The right capacity is essential, having the trusted people and appropriate resources to support advisory goals
  • As clients grow in confidence advisors need to keep stepping up their capability to keep pace, but not just ticking a box on education. Mastering the fundamentals rather than chasing ‘shiny new toys’ is key, most advisors have all the answers, (or know their gaps) so need to focus on mastery, becoming more fluent in the basics
  • Becoming more productive and less busy, aim to cut complexity from models and approaches

In summary, rather than aiming for perfection, align 7 advisory attributes to pull in the same direction and achieve your definition of success:

  1. Strategy & Capacity
  2. Advisory Technologies
  3. Advisory Capability
  4. Marketing & Sales
  5. Business Model & Services
  6. Client Needs & Market Trends
  7. Mindset & Energy

Good luck with your business advisory journey in 2020. To read the full Mindshop 2020 High Performance Report – The Authentic Advisor click here.

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