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Business Advisory 2025

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Advisory 2025 Papers

The now, where and how of business advisory success towards 2025.
Where are business advisors now? Where do they want to be in the future, and importantly, how are they going to get there? Mindshop has developed two papers that describe the journey to business advisory success in 2025. Acknowledging there is no ‘right or wrong’ model, the papers discuss strategies, actions and implementation ideas to ensure business advisors, whether independent advisors or in professional serivce firms can navigate the next few years and achieve their goals.
What’s included?
– Vision insights and themes for advisory success in 2025
– The journey and lessons learnt to date for advisors
– Key implementation tactics and strategies to ensure change success
– How to build the most effective business advisory model
– Marketing and sales strategies to demonstrate capability
– Implementation hurdles to avoid
– Technology to embrace and how to do it

Watch these video overviews by Mindshop Founder Dr. Chris Mason
for a digestible way to access the key principles of each paper.

Video: Professional Service Firms
Watch the video by Dr. Chris Mason

Video: Independent Advisors
Watch the video by Dr. Chris Mason

For more assistance on Business Advisory planning for success. Contact your Mindshop Regional Manager.

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